Here are some of CEG’s recent projects.

Groton, Connecticut

Trails Corner and Poquonnock Substation. These substations were designed by CEG and consist of a lineup of Powell 38kV, 2000 Amp, 2500MVA double bus, double breaker switchgear, two 40MVA distribution transformers with LTC and a lineup up of main-tie-main Central Electric 15kV, 2000 ampere, 750MVA switchgear.

Substation has integral auto-transfer capabilities, RTU's, electronic relaying and separate battery rooms.

Groton, Connecticut

Electric Boat Corporation. As part of an overall $8M facilities supply upgrade project, CEG was hired to replace several aging 34.5kV open air substations with metal enclosed, state of the art vacuum operated switchgear to serve the approximately 20MW industrial facility.  CEG provided project management services and was responsible for all host utility coordination:  plans and specifications, cutover sequence, construction observation, relay programming, protective relay settings, and final acceptance testing.  Project included the installation of new utility lines, two 34.5kV metal enclosed substations, two 10MVA dry type transformers, cutover of existing facilities and associated cables and equipment.

Groton, Connecticut

Buddington Substation. Faced with a growing industrial load toward 100MW, GU engaged CEG to provide engineering and technical assistance in the upgrading of the utility’s 69kV and 115kV transmission protection systems as well as replacement of aged oil-filled circuit breakers with new SF6 breakers and circuit switchers.  CEG was required to coordinate with ISO New England, CONEX and NU, provide all equipment materials, relay panels, testing and programming (SEL, GE, Basler), end-to-end line testing, wave traps, 2000 ampere 115kV breakers and circuit switchers.  CEG also provided project management, testing services, and complete as-built drawings.

Dayville, Connecticut

Lake Road Generating. CEG has been providing engineering and testing services for many years to this 960MW generating facility.  Our scopes have ranged from project managers on the replacement of two 350MVA GSU transformers, to 345kV transmission relaying, plant facilities maintenance and testing, planning and support services.

Norwood, Massachusetts

CEG has provided engineering, design, and support services to this large northeast utility for many years.  We have provided engineering and technical services related to the replacement of many 115kV and 345kV facilities, upgrades and installment of RTUs for substation control, testing and programming of protective relays, project management services during fast-paced construction of inner-city substations, as well as design services for retirement or replacement of aged equipment from 4kV through 345kV.

Groton, Connecticut

Eastern Point Road Project. Pfizer Pharmeuticals has its World Headquarters in Groton, CT. As part of a new research campus project, it was decided to underground the utilities along the road in front of the campus and construct a new 34.5kV substation for present and future electric needs

CEG was hired to design the electrical ductbanks for the 34.5kV & 15kV circuits that would run down the roadway, along with the combined telecommunciations ductbanks.

The Project also included the demolition of an 8320 volt substation and the design & construction of the new 34.5kV substation.

The last picture shows the new 34.5kV dead-end & riser structures that were customed designed by CEG for this project.

Brockton, Massachusetts

New Campus Switchgear. CEG was hired to design a new 15kV outdoor metalclad switchgear unit to replace the existing switchgear.

We prepared the design plans and Contract Documents, and supervised the construction and cutover, which minimized interruptions to the campus.

The equipment included new Powercon Corp 15kV, 600A automatic transfer switchgear with PLC control for two mains and two feeders, all with anti-single phasing protection.

The first picture shows the old switchgear, and the second picture shows the new switchgear which is in use.

Solvay, New York

Industrial Substation. In association with the Warner Consulting Group, CEG provided design, engineering and consulting services as part of the new municipal utility substation to serve a large industrial customer. The 115kV-15kV step-down and distrbution substation includes a complete SCADA system to monitor and remotely control devices, circuit breakers, switches, etc.

CEG has developed the SCADA programming, communications and interfacing between this substation and others substations.

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